Thumb drive Printing

USB Thumb drives Branding Services

usb flash drive printing sample banner

As the total one stop USB flash drives supplier, we offer full range branding options depending on the thumb drive housing surface and material including Silk Screen printing, pad printing, embossing/debossing, laser engraving, full color printing, light up logo set up and domed printing. USB flash drive with personalized logo are perfect marketing tool for promotional giveaways, corporate gifts, software & media distribution, annual dinner door gifts, product launching and conference events.

Silk Screen Printing

Silk screen printing with 4 solid colours
                                Silk screen printing with 4 solid colour

Silk screen printing is a method using a mesh which is stretched tight onto a wooden frame. The mesh is made with polyester. The logo to be printed is made with negative design on the mesh. The ink will be rolled onto the mesh and press on the printed object. This method is only suitable for flat or near flat surface on the thumb drive. It can be printed with up to 4 solids colour with matching the pantone colour code of a corporate logo. This method is cost effective for volume and produce good quality printing output. It is suitable for plastic, metal, PU leather and wooden type of thumb drive.

Pad Printing

Pad printing with 4 solid colours
                                      4 colours pad printing on non flat thumb drive model

Pad printing is similar technique use on the silkscreen pen drive printing. It uses the silicone pad/sponge transferring the ink onto the printed object. The advantage of pad printing is this method can be printed non flat surface thumb drive like oval, round or curving shape usb drive. This method is precise and produces excellent printing output. However, there is printing dimension limitation when using this technique in printing usb flash drive. The printing dimension will be restricted by the height of the design logo. It is also suitable for plastic, PU leather, metal and wooden type of pen drives.  You may view this youtube video for understanding the process.


logo emboss on pen drive
                                Logo emboss on leather usb drive

Debossing and embossing is method normally applied on the PU leather and silicone rubber surface such as wristband thumb drive. It uses the heat press onto the thumb drive surface to produce an exclusive and permanent logo branding on the items. The colour of the logo generated will be the base colour of the PU leather or silicone rubber.

Laser engraving

laser engraving on metal key shape thumb drive
                                                              Laser engraving on key shape pen drive
wooden pen drive with laser engraving branding
                                                   Laser engraving on wooden pen drive

Laser engraving is an excellent branding option for usb flash drives. The effect is permanent, long lasting and cannot be scratched off in any ways. It is popular and most appropriate branding option for metal and wooden surface usb thumb drive. The flash drives are placed onto the laser engraving machine and the laser head will edge the preset artwork with precise narrow line onto the thumb drive. The colour of the engraved artwork will be the base colour of the engraved surface material. Normally, it is silver on metal surface and light brow on wooden surface. The engraved surface colour on metal pen drive might be turned into slight yellowish colour over the time due to oxidation process.

Full color digital printing

Full color printing on card pen drive
                                                                Full color digital printing on usb card

Full colour digital printing is most suitable for customers who required their logo to be printed with toning/gradient colour. This method is widely use for printing credit card shape usb flash drive and certain thumb drives model with white colour casing. It can create full photographic colour onto the card shape pen drive. The printing quality is greatly depends on the resolution of the artwork.

Neon Printing

Light up logo on flashing usb flash drive
                                             Flashing thumb drive model with light up logo

This method is only available for certain flashing thumb drives model. The logo/wording is laser cut out from the flashing surface to produce a translucent logo section on the thumb drives. The translucent logo/wording will be light up when plug into the usb slot on the computer.

Domed Printing

domed printing on swivel thumb drive
                                                    Swivel flash drive with domed printing

Domed printing is available for certain models and it required minimum order quantity of 500pcs to apply for this method. The advantage of this method is it can produce logo with gradient colour on the thumb drive. The logo is printed with full colour digital printing and covered with resin to produce a 2D effect on the usb drive.